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This Web site was established to promote the efforts of Phil Edmondson Racing and explore the talents of Phil Edmondson as a race driver, racing instructor, and race team specialist.  Phil presently works in computer operations and telecommunications with the desire to work in professional racing.  Visit Phil Edmondson Technical for details on Phil's 20+ year technical career.

Phil Edmondson has had the need for speed all of his life and raced Go Karts during his teen years.  He did some stock car and sports car racing activities into his 20's.  The innate drive to race was always there but no REAL racing was done from the mid 1970's to 2001 except in Phil's mind.  Then to initially get back into racing, karting was chosen as the most affordable real form of racing and the 1960's karting experience would apply directly.  Here are two pictures.  The first is the kart raced in 2001, a 1989 Margay Lynx, lacking in the latest technology of the Y2K karts, but still an inexpensive and  good performer for starters.  The second, raced in 2002, a 2001 TonyKart Mitox brought home the 2002 season championship in Senior Yamaha. 

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