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PLEASE SUPPORT OUT TROOPS WHEREVER THEY    JohnCp2a.JPG (301599 bytes)         

This is Phil and Christina's son John Edmondson. Click the picture for a larger image.

John served as a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserve as a Special Forces-Civil Affairs soldier.  He served in Kosovo in 2002 and in Iraq in 2003-2004.

Remember that the freedom of the United States and the responsibilities of the US as the only world super power depend on military forces.

Here are Phil's thoughts on the matter:

Our young men and women join the armed services for a variety of reasons.

No matter how you feel about the military, war, and the politics of war, the United States military is made of friends, neighbors, relatives, and unknown fellow citizens who are required to put their lives on the line and willingly do so.

When you have a loved one in a situation like Iraq, you cannot get the worry out of your mind.

The guys and gals over there can never get too much mail.  They are totally removed from the comfort that we enjoy and that they are painfully but temporarily giving up to serve their country.  It is not always easy for them to remember when dealing with the ordinary people, young and old, in constantly unpredictable situations, that those people will remain long after they have gone, and treat them with compassion.


If you really want to get proactive about supporting the troops there are opportunities to support the troops.  I will try to find some links to support agencies and place them on the web site. 


Several agencies are:

American Red Cross.

Family support groups at any military branch near you.